All crankshafts have been remanufactured utilizing automotive industry accepted standards and procedures. Conditions may exist regarding crankshaft or bearing failure that do not relate to our workmanship or material. To eliminate such failures. Proper crankshaft and bearing installation procedures must be followed throughout the entire installation process.

Full warranty is provided against defective workmanship. OEM tolerances are maintained. Warranty is limited to replacement of the crankshaft prior to installation only. Once a unit is run in the engine all warranties are void.

This catalog has been compiled with the utmost care from dependable industry sources. However informational changes beyond the control of CRANKSHAFT REBUILDERS may occur. It is always the responsibility of the installer to verify that the crankshaft purchased is the correct application. It is also the responsibility of the installer to perform all inspections, preparation and any required peripheral machine work prior to installation.

The crankshaft kits listed are not intended for industrial or marine applications. Automotive crankshafts are not always a direct interchange with these applications. The attempted use of an automotive crankshaft in marine or industrial applications can result in severe engine damage/failure. The units listed in this catalog should only be used for the application for which they are designed.

This online catalog is offered on the basis of the terms and conditions stated herein. Use of this online catalog confirms the user’s acceptance of these same terms and conditions. Such acceptance allows full access to view the catalog and utilize its functions.